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Medical Weight Loss

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Medical weight loss is a medically administered weight loss program which incorporates evidenced medical science in uncovering the source of obesity and weight gain. This program is run under the supervision of trained doctors and medical professionals who provide specific treatment to help our patients attain weight loss and retain the benefit for life.

Today, medical weight loss provides a targeted and unique program for each patient based on the patient’s specific needs. While some of these goals can be the patient’s personal goal such as losing a certain number of pounds, in other cases it may be medically necessary due to risks of a serious medical

The methodology and practice that medical weight loss clinics use to assist you in weight management are vastly different from the commercial weight loss centers. In medical weight loss, the doctors and medical staff work one on one with patients by monitoring the patient’s body composition, metabolism and overall health as the gauge of progress in weight loss. The results based on the practices used in medical weight loss have been highly regarded and published by several medical journals.